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  • Where to part your hair, according to face shape?
  • Ana Tiwathia

Where to part your hair, according to face shape?

Some of us are more attached to parts than others. You might just let your hair lie where it naturally falls after coming out of the shower. Or you might meticulously separate strands for a pin straight line at an exact point on your hairline. But have you ever considered choosing a part based on the shape of your face? We hadn’t either… But it stands to reason, your locks frame your face and the choice of where and how to part can flatter or flatten. What’s more, changing your part is an easy way to try a new look without an expensive trip to the stylist.

So we did some research and found out what experts are saying:

T'zikal Blog: Where to part your hair, according to face shape?


If you have a longer face, try a center or off-center part. It will round out the length and accentuate the eyes and jawline. Do keep in mind: firm center parts are really only good for those with perfectly symmetrical features and are otherwise unforgiving. If your face has imbalances (like most do) try a part just off-center so as not to draw attention to them.


A deep side part flatters a heart-shaped face best, it can also soften a prominent chin. If you have fine hair and a deep side part makes the thickness on the right and left side of your head look unbalanced, try a diagonal part, so it starts in a deep side part at your hairline but works its way back to center by the back of your part.


A simple off-center part will elongate the face and soften your look, overall. The further off-center you get, the more the hair will offset very strong jawlines that are associated with this face shape. 


Anything goes for an oval face shape. Lucky ducks.


You can experiment with the part when you have bangs, but the general rule of thumb is a center part works best.

Of course it goes without saying (but we’re going to say it anyway) that you’ll have better luck rocking a new style if your hair is strong and hydrated. Choose a product line that includes all-natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals, dies or parabens. T’zikal fits the bill, with an entire collection of ojon oil-infused wonder products for hair and skin. Shop here.

T'zikal Beauty Blog: Where to part your hair, according to face shape?

Where do you part your hair? Have you had the same part since 7th grade or do you often experiment with it? Share your tips and experiences with us by commenting or joining the conversation on Facebook.

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