T'zikal Shine Ritual ✨

Luxuriate in a steamy shower 🚿 to open up pores and even out complexion.

T'zikal all Natural haircare with ojon oil shine ritual

T’zikal Shine Ritual ✨

  1. Begin your hair nourishing journey with T’zikal’s Hydrating Shampoo, which infuses stressed out locks with intense moisturization 🌧 while gently removing dirt  and impurities.
  2. Follow by applying T’zikal’s Deep Moisturizing Conditioning Cream to the entire hair 💆‍♀️ shaft (avoid the roots).
  3. Then apply T'zikal's luxurious Shine Rich Dry Oil Mist with a hibiscus-coconut oil blend to tame flyaways and make locks shine ✨ like never before.
  4. Finally, style hair (as needed) with T’zikal’s Smooth Styling Hair Wax, a blend of pure Ojon oil, avocado oil and natural🌱 botanicals that helps restore heavily damaged and over processed hair.
While you’re enjoying the shiniest ✨ hair of your life, tuck into an aphrodisiac 💋smoothie that promotes circulation and boosts ⚡️energy. 


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