Bed Head - How to wear your hair while you sleep.

There’s nothing better than rolling out of bed with fresh, bouncy, beautiful hair. But that only happens to Kardashians, right? Wrong. 

Here are six tips to help you achieve luscious locks while you slumber so you can proudly say #iwokeuplikethis.

Splurge on a silk pillowcase

Cotton can catch hair, causing breakage. So spring for a silk or satin case that will allow hair to slip and slide. 


Want natural beach waves but don’t have an hour to spend styling your hair in the morning? Try wearing your hair in a loose regular, French or fishtail braid to bed. It will gently curl strands in all the right places without the damaging heat ♨️ of a curling iron or blow dryer.


A loose bun will have a similar wavy effect to braiding. Remember to use a no-catch hair tie or even a cloth scrunchy to avoid breakage. 

Scalp Massage

Stimulate hair growth (and improve sleep) by giving yourself a scalp massage before bed. To enhance the hair-smoothing effects of the massage, use a luxurious all-natural hair oil like T’zikal’s Shine Rich Dry Oil Mist


Use a soft-bristled brush before bed to distribute your hair’s natural oil along each strand.    


Make your nightly routine an opportunity to pamper yourself. Take a warm shower using luxurious, all-natural hair products like T’zikal’s Deep Hydrating Shampoo and Moisturizing Conditioning Cream.

The proprietary fragrance blend will invite relaxation and a calm sense of wellbeing. You will sleep better and wake looking refreshed and beautiful.

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