Give Thanks: Five Herbs Used by Native Americans for Beautiful Hair

Inspired by the incredible bounty shared by Wampanoag Indians with the Plymouth colonists in 1621, Thanksgiving is a time for sharing, reflection and gratitude. In that spirit, this Thanksgiving we’re looking to the Native Americans for some natural beauty secrets that both utilize and honor the gifts of the earth’s great bounty. 

A hallmark of Native American beauty? Much like the Maya, Native Americans are known for strong, resilient, lustrous ✨ hair.

At T’zikal, we’re kind of nerds when it comes to natural 🌱, pure ingredients (check out our collection of Maya-inspired products) so we decided to take a look at five herbs commonly used in Native American hair care.

Excuse us while we geek out 🤡:

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Aloe Vera 🌵:

Aloe’s skin healing benefits might be old news, but what can it do for hair? It acts as a natural moisturizer and protects hair from harsh weather conditions (AKA: winter). The hydrating 💦  effects leave hair silky and soft. It’s even great for dry scalp.

Bear Berry:

Aside from sounding adorable and slightly frightening, bear berry is a natural anti-fungal and has a pleasant cooling 🥶 effect. It also helps soothe rashes and scalp irritation.

Sweet Grass 🌾:

Native Americans boil sweet grass and dip their locks in the water to boost shine and infuse hair with a beautiful, fresh scent. Think of it as natural hair freshener.

Yucca 🍠:

Yucca has been used for centuries for an astonishing variety of ailments. This potent root vegetable can also do wonders for your hair, leaving it shiny and strong – resilient to cold and wind. Native Americans apply it by rinsing hair in the suds from boiled Yucca or simply crush the plant into a tincture.

Rosemary 🌿:

This multi-tasking herb is both delicious and beautifying. What does it do for your mane? It can promote hair growth by stimulating blood circulation under the skin of the scalp. Remember that on Thanksgiving when you have extra sprigs leftover from seasoning!

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