Summer Coifs - or, how to see your hair game strong at the beach.

The best beach days are gorgeous, playful, effortless and totally refreshing. The same can be said for the best beach hair. In fact, salt water is a natural styling tool (beach spray, anyone?). It can actually help you achieve the piece-y, textured, full-bodied perfection of your hair dreams. So, this summer, instead of trying to yank your hair into submission, embrace the delicious vibe of the beach with these seven summery styles that only improve with sun, salt and sand. 

Side braid

Channel your boho beach goddess with a loose side braid. Bonus points if strands come loose!

Full side part

Want a tousled look with maximum body? Pile all your hair to the right or left for a dramatic side part.


Embrace the Swedish midsummer style with a floral accent. A flower tucked behind the ear, peeking out of a braid or decorating a bun looks at once polished and perfectly appropriate.

T'zikal All Natural Haircare with ojon oil blog summer coifs

Low chignon

A low, loose chignon is easy to do and manages to look elegant even as it unravels in the sea breeze.

Front braids

Hippie-chic front braids are a great way to incorporate shorter layers or keep bangs off your face. 

Head scarf or bandana

Look fabulous in a classic, vintage-y way by fully wrapping your hair in an elegant scarf or half wrapping it in a handkerchief.

Floppy sunhat

If all else fails, a wide-brimmed straw hat is always chic and protects facial skin from sun damage.

While beach hair can look great, the constant exposure to environmental elements can take a toll over time. In order to maintain the health, shine and vibrancy of your locks throughout summer, give your hair a little extra love each week.

Start with a super-hydrating shampoo and conditioner duo, like T’zikal’s Deep Hydrating Shampoo and Deep Moisturizing Conditioning Cream. To smooth flyaways and beach frizz, try an oil-based styling product like T’zikal’s Shine Rich Dry Oil Mist.

T'zikal All Natural Haircare with ojon oil blog summer coifs