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19th century Bavarian priest Sebastian Kneipp is considered one of the founders of naturopathic medicine including a form of hydrotherapy that uses hot and cold water to treat an array of ailments. Kneipp treatments are thought to strengthen immunity and boost circulation, thereby refreshing dull complexions and giving the practitioner a robust sense of good health. Icy arm bath, anyone? Danke, Deutschland!
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It is thought that folks have been using 'banyas' since 945 AD. Part sauna part steam room, banyas have remained consistently popular to this day. A day at the banya might be spent with family or friends and usually consists of both hot rooms and freezing showers. By alternating between the two temperatures bathers stimulate organs, increase circulation and boost immunity - important if you live in an arctic country.

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You might think a fondness for seaweed is a quintessentially Japanese thing, but the Irish have been eating and bathing in it since the 12th century. Thought to soften skin and improve circulation, Ireland was home to some 300 'seaweed spas' at the begging of the 20th century. The process was fairly straightforward: pour hot water onto a heaping pile of slimy seaweed and slide in for a healing soak.

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We're not sure how 'ancient' this technique is, but French women (they have all the best tricks!) have been using lemon juice to remove stains and whiten their nails for decades. If you're looking for a cheap way to get fresh, clean, strong looking nails, this DIY treatment couldn't be easier. Simply soak your nails in lemon juice for 10 minutes after removing polish. Et voila! Want more unique beauty ritual ideas? Visit us @Tzikal.com

Yes, you read that right: curd. Still on our India kick, we've been inspired by their loyal (and ancient) dedication to what we in the west call yogurt. From acne to wrinkles, pigmentation to moisture, the variety of fabulous DIY masks commonly used is too prolific to list here.

So we'll stick with a classic: mix 2 tablespoons of yogurt with 1 tablespoon of oats, massage into skin and leave for 15 minutes. The beauty of curd, revealed. Want more beauty ideas? Tzikal.com

There is something inherently regal about rosewater, and for good reason: it was commonly used by Indian royalty to soften, brighten, and tone skin. Oh, and it smells heavenly. Make your own by adding 1 cup of rose petals to 2 cups of boiling water. Let the mixture steep, strain and cool. Decant into glass spray bottles and stash in your cosmetic bag, desk drawer, nightstand, or where ever you might benefit from a refreshing rose spritz. Want more beauty ideas?


India is a treasure trove of brilliant ancient beautyrituals. From hair to skin to exercise, Indians are pros at self-care and have been for centuries.

Today we're loving on Neem, a sacred plant used to treat acne, eczema, and dry skin. To incorporate into your own routine, boil Neem leaves and apply water using a cotton ball (for acne), or add Neem powder to coconut oil and mix into a paste for a quick hydrating mask.


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The natives of the South American Andes have been using Rose Hip Oil for centuries to repair skin and brighten complexions. It can even work as a natural retinol… It hydrates, boosts shine and reduces dark spots without any chemical assistance. It also absorbs easily, is packed with essential fatty acids and is even appropriate for sensitive skin.

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Here at T'zikal we're proud Mayan-beauty junkies. That's why we love the offerings at Yaxkin Spa in Yucatan, Mexico. One that recently caught our eye: the Mayan Jade algae mud nourishing treatment where you're slathered in mud fresh from Yucatan's ancient cenotes, rich in detoxifying nutrients. 

What better way to get in touch with nature than a jungle-bound pamper session at Yaxkin with a post-treatment steam shower stocked with T'zikal products?

Chinese women have been rinsing their face in rice water for hundreds of years. The residue rice leaves behind when soaked in water is packed with antioxidants that helps prevent premature signs of aging.


Make your own rice water: Soak 1 cup of rice in 2 cups of bottled spring water, strain, soak a wash cloth and apply to face after cleansing (or as often as you wish).

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Turkish women use flower power to boost their highlights. Ladies with blond or light brown hair are known to rinse in daisy water to improve color and shine.


To make your own: boil one cup of daisies in 2 cups of water, let steep for 5 minutes, remove and pour water over hair. 


And, to restore moisture in color treated hair, don't forget to pamper locks with T'zikal Rich Repair Hot Oil Treatment at least once a week. For additional products check out tzikal.com

How do Japanese women achieve their glowing, youthful complexions? One trick: sake.
The fermented rice libation is more than a killer sashimi accompaniment. When applied to skin it can actually brighten, moisturize and reduce the visibility of age spots. The yeast created during the fermentation process is the secret. Some high-end spas have caught on to this geisha-loved secret, offering sake treatments in super luxe settings.
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Shirodhara is a luxurious and peaceful Ayurvedic treatment from India. Warm herbal oil is poured over your third eye quieting the mind and soothing the senses. The oil is then massaged through the scalp and hair. It's said to relieve insomnia and even improve mental focus. Not to mention the hydrating benefits of slathering your scalp in natural oil! Recreate this treatment at home by setting up a relaxing environment and indulging in T'zikal's Rich Repair Hot Oil Treatment.

Cleopatra famously bathed in milk. Sounds luxurious, but does it actually have benefits? Yes! Milk contains lactic acid that exfoliates and softens by removing dead skin cells and encouraging cell renewal. The fat and protein in whole milks can also hydrate skin leaving it soft and supple. It's easy to do at home, simply add 1 cup of powdered milk to hot water. To make the experience extra indulgent, add rose petals to the tub and apply T'zikal Hot Oil Treatment to your hair beforehand.

Maya women are known for their strong and vibrant locks. Try adding this Mayan hair therapy to your T'zikal hair regimen. Begin by washing your hair with T'zikal shampoo and T'zikal conditioner with Ojon Palm Nut Oil. In a small mixing bowl, whip ½ avocado, 1 Tbsp Olive Oil, ½ Banana and 1 Egg Yolk until they form a batter. Massage into hair and cover using either a shower cap or moisture resistant wrap. Let sit for an hour, then rinse. Find more great hair tips on our website.

Chaac, the Maya God of rain, gets his name from the word cha, meaning let go. Channel your inner rain god and let go of skin impurities with this Chaac Mask: Mix equal parts clay with apple cider vinegar and 2 tbsp of uncooked oatmeal. Apply and let dry 10-15 minutes. Rub off using circular motion. Rinse. While waiting for your mask to dry, apply the T'zikal Hot Oil Treatment to your hair to add moisture and repair damaged locks. Find T'zikal's Rich Repair Hot Oil Treatment here.

Lomilomi is a style of massage developed and practiced by the indigenous people of Hawaii. Hundreds of years ago Polynesian settlers brought massage, but Lomilomi evolved into a distinctively Hawaiian technique, often used by traditional healers as a medical salve, digestion aid, or simply for its restorative benefits. If a Hawaiian sojourn is in your travel future, don't miss out on this holistic treatment. Afterward, you can spread the glow around with T'zikal's Rich Shine Dry Oil Mist.

ingredient spotlight

We believe the best beauty solutions are timeless, straightforward and pure. With this as our guiding principle, we set out to unlock the secret to radiant hair by tapping natural resources and enhancing them with modern science. From the rainforests of Central America, we take the oil of the Ojon Palm Nut. We then incorporate European skincare innovation and lavish natural ingredients. The result is a radically efficacious formula that revives even the most damaged hair. Discover T'zikal!

Another natural T'zikal alternative to chemical preservatives? Citric acid. Found in citrus fruits such as lemon and lime, this smart ingredient is a natural preservative, high in Vitamin C (making hair soft and lustrous) and an effective pH balancer. It can also remove product buildup from your locks, increasing shine. You'll find it in our Shampoo and Curl Defining Hair Serum.


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Lavender is more than a soothing aroma. In its extract form, derived from the flower, it's a natural way to keep skin soothed and refreshed (it's gently antiseptic) and help skin cells stay healthy. It can even combat acne and eczema, naturally. It can also fight hair loss. Not to mention promote a feeling of calm and wellbeing which contributes significantly to overall health. For these reasons, you'll find Lavender in all of our products here at T'zikal Collections.

Bees are in charge of a lot: aside from pollinating plants that provide the planet with food, they also produce sweet nectar in their bellies (how cute is that?) that can heal, soften, nourish and protect human hair. Best when harvested from the wax that coats the honeycomb within a beehive, beeswax acts as a gentle emollient and can be found in our luxurious, all-natural hair products.

It is one of the many ways we leverage nature in the pursuit of beauty. #DiscoverTzikal

While Epsom salt and mineral baths might be common today, Hippocrates is credited with recognizing the health benefits of salt first (450 BC). And (not surprisingly) he was prophetic in this observation. A soak in a salt bath can relieve aching or tired muscles and leave skin smooth and radiant. The ancient Greeks loved thermal baths with sea salts and dried herbs, a ritual that replenished skin and relaxed the body.

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From the seeds of the Oat Plant, this oil contains water-retaining elements like amino acids that help hair and skin hold onto their natural moisture. Being anti-inflammatory and rich in essential fatty acids, it is naturally calming, moisturizing and rejuvenating for skin and hair. You'll find this wonder ingredient in our Curl Defining Hair Serum and our Deep Hydrating Shampoo. Two products that make hair radiant by locking in moisture.


You don't need chemicals to combat dandruff and graying hair. The fruit extract from the gooseberry plant (also known as amla) fortifies and feeds hairs' roots and helps it retain color and shine, thereby preventing graying. It even increases hair structure and stimulates growth. Want to find products that harness natural ingredients like gooseberry extract? Shop the collection @Tzikal.com

Also known as ojon palm nut oil, this natural ingredient has been used for over 500 years for its health benefits (both external and internal). Most relevantly (for our purposes at T'zikal), it is rich in Vitamin E, which promotes cell growth of hair follicles and results in stronger, softer, more manageable hair. You can find it in all of our products! Find it @Tzikal.com and shop the entire collection of nature-inspired products for hair and skin.

One of our favorite ingredients for shine, moisture and lustrous manageability is Macadamia oil. High in essential fatty acids yet light-weight, this oil is perfect for hair products and skin moisturizers - it's also 'stable', allowing it to be safely stored for long periods. Want to test this wonder-nut oil on your locks? Try T'zikal's Shine Rich Dry Oil. Apply a small amount to damp hair and prepare for optimal shine and frizz control. tzikal.com

An apple a day keeps cracked skin away.

That's why Pyrus Malus (Apple) Fruit Extract is a main ingredient in both T'zikal hand moisturizers. It's rich in essential fatty acids and proteins that hydrate skin and protect it from harsh environmental elements. Keep a tube of our hand lotion or denser hand balm in your day bag, on your night stand, next to the kitchen sink and apply regularly. We're sure you'll see a silky difference in a few days.

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Have you smelled our proprietary fragrance blend? Combining 11 of the highest quality flower extracts and essential oils, you might catch notes of orange, bergamot, lavender, hibiscus and ho wood. The aroma is earthy and sharply refreshing.

Stock your bathroom with T'zikal products and transform your hair care routine into an aromatic spa treatment every morning (or evening). Shop the collection of luxury hair and skin products here.

Avocado Oil is a natural peptide clinically proven to stimulate collagen production, giving it anti-aging properties and reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles. People have been smashing up the flesh and smoothing it over skin and hair for years, but it's the oil that contains the really potent reparative benefits. It can even be used as a makeup remover. Shop the T'zikal collection for luxurious products that contain Avocado Oil and other high performance, all-natural ingredients.

A new darling in the world of natural and organic skincare, Crambe Abyssinica Seed Oil is intensely nourishing with a high concentration of Erucic Acid, and its silky smooth texture makes it a great alternative to silicone. On skin, it can deeply penetrate, hydrate and protect. On hair it provides a rich, glossy shine. Shop the T'zikal collection for products utilizing Crambe Abyssinica Seed Oil like Deep Moisture Conditioning Cream, Shine Rich Dry Oil Mist, and Intense Moisture Hand Balm.

Avocados have always been a part of the Mayan beauty regimen. Not only does avocado provide healthy fats to one's diet, but it's also a great way to moisturize your skin and hair. Avocado oil is absorbed quickly and leaves hair shiny without feeling greasy. It can be used as a deep conditioning treatment as it contains biotin that strengthens hair without weighing it down. T'zikal's Smooth Styling Wax is a great way to get your fix.

Secret Beauty Destination

If you are looking or a yoga-centered hiatus, the Sky Ting Maderas Retreat on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua is the way to go. Casitas are nestled into lush jungle that tumbles down into pristine beach. Packages include twice-daily yoga classes, scrumptious organic meals, beverages (including frozen drinks, smoothies and fresh juices) and unlimited swims and naps. Spring for some extra massages and you'll be jelly by the end of the week.


Aro Ha Wellness Retreat is perfect for active, adventurous wellness travelers who yearn to interact with big nature on a daily basis. Situated on a stunning sub-alpine terrace over Lake Wakatipu, the setting begs for contemplation and perspective. Yoga classes are complemented with mountain hikes, nourishing bodywork, detox cuisine, chic eco accommodation and 'results-oriented programming.'

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In the 'medi-spa' world, The Parkhotel Igls is cream of the crop. This holistic health retreat uses the Mayr medicine approach to wellness, emphasizing nutrition, detox, exercise and sustainable regeneration. Expect beeswax liver compresses and lymph drainage treatments to be on the menu. They even offer packages with blood panels, ultra sounds and ECG tests for folks wanting a full health analysis. Visitors leave refreshed, rejuvenated and a few pounds lighter.


The banya tradition carries on with modern approaches to the ancient wellness ritual. For walloping good time, hit up Russian-inspired Banya No.1 in East London where you can follow up a steam with a good Venik (getting gently pummeled with fragrant bunches of birch, oak or eucalyptus twigs). Combine with a luxurious honey & salt or coffee body scrub and leave feeling (and tasting?) delicious.

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On the heels of our India kick, we came across this divine sounding retreat in Dehradun that addresses ever aspect of wellbeing: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Through Ayurvedic assessment, sowa rigpa (traditional Tibetan medicine), yoga practice, spa therapies and commune with nature, visitors embark on a kind of journey to self-discovery with 4-handed abhyanga massages to ease the passage.

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African-inspired spa treatments in thatched-roofed treatment rooms are a major draw at Azura Retreats, a chic boutique lodge in Mozambique. The founders built Azura with careful attention to the stunning environment and local culture. The result is a destination full of thoughtful luxury (think: guided wildlife tours, snorkeling with sea turtles, private island picnics, beachside villas). Intrigued? So are we! Want more beauty destination ideas? Tzikal.com

An eco-lodge tucked into the Peruvian jungle, bursting with bio-diversity and a killer spa? That's what you'll get here. Spend your mornings on canopy walks and dugout boat rides, spotting exotic birds, monkeys and turtles, then settle in for an afternoon at Ena spa, where you can indulge in healing treatments that utilize the riches of the environment around you. Talk about a refreshing vacation...

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If wildlife watching is your thing, head to Southern Ocean Lodge in Australia where you can stay in posh suites tucked into the cliff side and watch the dolphins, whales and sea lions frolic in the surf below. The clifftop spa also wows, offering Aboriginal healing treatments in the crisp, highly oxygenated Antarctic air. What better way to commune with nature?

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Soaking in a Jacuzzi is so 2015. These days, adventurous pleasure seekers are heading to a waterfall outside of Chiang Mai for a slamming massage. There, you can stand under a wall of falling water and get the tension pummeled out of you.

Wild spa-ing is the term coined for waterfall massage. Want a more luxurious option? The Willow Stream Spa in Banff Springs has some great indoor versions.

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If there were an X Games for spa treatments, Cryotherapy would be a main event. Why subject your body to temps as low as -164 Fahrenheit, you ask? It reduces inflammation and can even tidy up cellulite, fans say.

The Thermes-Marins in Monte Carlo is now the place to freeze your butt off (literally). After four minutes in a sub zero booth you'll emerge refreshed and full of energy. If you go, treat your frozen locks to some TLC with T'zikal's Hot Oil Treatment.  

Located 24 km from the Copán Ruinas in Honduras, down a rocky dirt road, nestled into a mountain, Aguas Termales truly lives up to the 'secret beauty destination' designation. Once you've found the remote set of hot springs, you can lounge in pools of varying sizes and temperatures. Hot spring water flows from the mountain and mixes with cool river water as you work your way down. After a day of soaking, replenish your locks with T'zikal products, also made with sacred Honduran ingredients.

If you're a sucker for Maya beauty treatments (and who isn't?), you'll want to hole up at Hacienda Chichen for a few days on your next vacation. It's home to world renowned Yaxkin Spa which offers an enormous menu of Maya cleansing rituals and healing ceremonies. It's no wonder this jungle hideaway has been selected as one of the best eco-spas by Condé Nast Traveler.
If you go, don't forget to stock your toiletry kit with T'zikal products.

The Dead Sea is a multi-tasker when it comes to beauty benefits. The water's incredible salt content (33%) is packed with minerals and is said to slough off dead skin and even relieve arthritis and psoriasis. Pair this with the nutrient-rich mud that lines the shores and you have a potent recipe for glowing skin. After emerging from the buoyant salt water, bathers often slather themselves with mud, wait for it to dry, then rinse, and repeat. Don't forget to pack your favorite T'zikal products.

The Blue Lagoon is the most visited geothermal spa in Iceland - for good reason. Located in a lava field, it's a stunning place to take a soak in water that is super rich in minerals like silica and sulfur, believed to help cure skin ailments and detoxify the body. It's no wonder Icelanders have such long life expectancy rates. Want in on the action? Jet over to Reykjavík on your next adventure and experience the healing benefits for yourself. Don't forget to pack your favorite T'zikal products.

For the Maya, health and beauty was a blend of mind, body, ritual and science. In the shadows of the Chichen Itza Temple, you can enjoy a ritual called Nicte ha, designed to restore hair's moisture, silkiness, shine and pH balance. Using natural ingredients like aloe vera, and avocado, the treatment invigorates and stimulates the scalp and boosts hair health. Can't make it to the Yucatan? Check out T'zikal's pH neutral Deep Hydrating Shampoo and Deep Moisturizing Conditioning Cream.

The Riviera Maya is a stretch of coastline on the Yucatan known for generous beaches, crystal blue sea and Maya-centric wellness treatments. Hop down to Mexico for your next holiday and indulge in one such ritual: Temezcal. Similar to a sweat lodge, it is held in a clay structure with heated volcanic rocks and herb-infused steam. Sweat out impurities and follow up with T'zikal Deep Hydrating Shampoo. Emerged cleansed - mind, body and spirit.

Want to explore the Peruvian Amazon in serious luxury? Set your sights on a riverboat cruise. The queen of that crop is undoubtedly Aqua Expedition's MV Aria, an elegant 32-person vessel that regularly makes 3, 4 and 7 night trips down the river from Iquitos. Spend your days experiencing the Amazon's teaming variety of plants and animals and evenings tucking into exceptional meals created by star Peruvian chefs. Fall asleep to the sound of lapping river in your opulent stateroom. Discover here.

Wellness tourism is taking a sandy turn in Moroccan Sahara. For a small fee, visitors can be buried neck deep in the hot desert sand for 15 minutes. The treatment is said to help with arthritis, and removes skin impurities and poisonous toxins through sweat. We might consider it. As long as there is a cool shower stocked with T'zikal Deep Hydrating Shampoo and Deep Moisturizing Conditioning Cream waiting for us! Stock up on travel bag beauty essentials.

Deep in the Mojave desert lies a 58' wide, 38' tall wooden dome called the Integratron. Built in the 1950s by an aeronautical engineer, this structure pioneered the phenomenon of sound baths. What's a sound bath? It's an ionized environment that is believed to reset the body's individual cells. During a sound bath session (60-minutes) quartz singing bowls are played using a wooden mallet, creating an incredible 'music' that's said to align the body's chakras and promote relaxation.

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