Monika Sozanska, Olympian And Jewelry Designer

Faces Of T'zikal: Meet Olympian Monika Sozanska


Monika Sozanska started fencing in Germany when she was 11. Her innate talent, determination and dedication to the sport took her around the world and eventually to the Olympics.

To deal with the extraordinary pressure of being a professional athlete, she started painting and sculpting to nurture her creative side. That led to the founding of her stunning, fencing-inspired line of jewelry called Mosiks.

We checked in with this impressive athlete-artist to see how she takes care of herself.

Faces Of T'zikal: Meet Olympian Monika Sozanska


T'zikal: When did you begin fencing? What was your training schedule like as a child?

MS: I began fencing when I was 11. My family moved from Poland to Germany and to connect with with German speaking children after school I joined the fencing class.

It was intended more for fun and spending time with friends, but I did attend class regularly. First twice a week then three times a week.

T'zikal: How did the Olympics change things for you?

MS: To take part in the Olympic games is the biggest goal of any athlete. To win a medal is even more so. Few people know the qualification is very hard for Europeans in fencing, so it was already a big achievement for me to qualify and to achieve my biggest goal at that time. The Olympics changed a lot in my life and was the best experience.

Faces Of'Tzikal: Meet Olympian Monika Sozanska

T'zikal: We love your jewelry line! What inspired you to start designing jewelry? Was it a steep learning curve?

MS: My other passion has always been art. I painted and sculpted to help keep a healthy balance with the extreme pressures I face as a professional athlete. For many years I wished there was stylish and modern jewelry that was inspired by my sport so I thought - I’ll do it myself. I started to design and collected ideas and went to a gold smith and then it all started happening.

T'zikal: Pardon us for being curious. Describe your perfect Sunday.

MS: Probably my perfect Sunday is to relax, do a spa for myself and calm down.

T’zikal: One last question: how was your experience with T’zikal?

MS: T’zikal gives me a SPA feeling at home. I love that the ingredients are all natural and the products are not tested on animals. I believe nature is best for beauty, so using Tzikal’s high quality and intense products you can rest assured you’re getting the best nature has to offer.