Sallie Fraenkel, Wellness and Spa Connector

Sallie Fraenkel


Sallie Fraenkel is a connector. After spending decades in the corporate spa world, she set our on her own, leveraging her impressive rolodex of wellness experts to create the Mind Body Spirit Network. We sat down with the entrepreneur to talk about her journey, get some insider tips on wellness destinations and hear why she loves ojon oil-infused products like the T’zikal collection. Here’s what she had to say:

 T’zikal: You are the creator of The Mind Body Spirit Network, tell us a bit about MBSN and how it came about?

SF: After 30 years in the corporate world working for two companies, I was ready to chart my own course by launching the Mind Body Spirit Network. Synthesizing my love for wellness travel, spas, the mind-body connection and connecting people became my drive to create MBSN.

 T’zikal: Tell us a bit about your journey prior to becoming the owner of Mind Body Spirit Network?

 SF: I had two careers spanning thirty years! The first was in TV and Film for Showtime Networks Inc where I oversaw marketing and distribution of Showtime’s original films and series. After 20 years in entertainment, I made a career change to an industry I was truly passionate about – spa and wellness. In 2004 I joined SpaFinder, the world’s largest marketing company where I spent 10 years as CMO, COO and ran the Global Wellness Summit. In 2014, I decided it was time to become an entrepreneur and founded Mind Body Spirit Network, inspired by my love of spa, wellness, travel and connecting people.

 T’zikal: What does a typical day look like for you?

 SF: You’ll often find me at work by 6 or 6:30am sipping my iced coffee. I love getting an early start on the day. Around 8:30am I will work out; depending on the day it may be yoga, personal training, pilates, spinning or walking outside. Variety is key. I wind down around 4:30 - 5p whenever possible. Several nights a week I’ll go out with friends, family or business associates but I like to maintain balance by eating at home with my husband at least a few nights a week.

Sallie Fraenkel

T’zikal: You’re known for your wellness journeys. Tell us about one of your favorite wellness destinations/experiences?

 SF: That’s a tough one. I love so many places and experiences I’ve had. The one that jumps to the front of my mind is my most recent MBSN trip to Central Mexico for the Day of the Dead. We had many amazing cultural, culinary and wellness experiences in Mexico City and San Miguel de Allende. It truly was a feast for the senses!

 T’zikal: What's your next wellness destination?

 SF: My next wellness journey is the El Camino Real Road to Wellness in Santa Fe this September. Like all my trips, this is a patchwork quilt of experiences such as hiking a part of the El Camino Real, an authentic pueblo dinner, soaking in the mineral hot springs at Ojo Caliente, a guided Medicine Wheel experience, puppy and silky chicken interactions, spa treatments and much more.

mind body spirit

 T’zikal: What is the single most important thing you do for yourself on a daily basis?

 SF: Perhaps the single most important thing I try to do is to listen to my body and what it needs. Every day is different depending on whether I’m in town or on the road. Some days I give myself permission to take a 20-minute power nap in the afternoon because I am such an early riser; some days I run like crazy from 6a until 10p. And other days I go to sleep pretty early to catch up on my sleep, which is critical for me. Honoring my body’s rhythm helps me to stay in balance and keep healthy.

 T’zikal: Walk us through your beauty and hair care routine.

 SF: I’m very particular about skincare! Currently I am in love with an ayurvedic aromatherapy line from Australia, Subtle Energies. A couple of times a week I exfoliate and use their mask. Daily I use moisturizer and facial oil or serum. I also try to remember to use sunscreen. I love my NuFace micro current device and use that when I remember. 

Another key component of my wellness/beauty routine is taking baths with aromatherapy oils or high-quality Epsom salts. I do this almost every day for relaxation and muscle soreness.

 For hair care, I wash my hair every third day so that I don’t strip out the natural oils and shine. I minimize the amount of conditioner I use to not weigh down my hair. I’ve discovered hair masks and do enjoy the results they deliver. I blow out my hair for a short bit to give it some body. It’s a pretty low-maintenance beauty routine, in my humble opinion!

 T’zikal: Describe your perfect morning.

 SF: Get up early, watch the sunrise, drink iced coffee, go for a walk outside then have a healthy breakfast of poached eggs over greens with avocado. If I am away, the ultimate luxury is to work out then have a room service breakfast – preferably eaten outside – of fresh pressed green juice, eggs and home baked bread.

 T’zikal: Do you have any beauty secrets, either DIY or otherwise, that were taught to you by your mother, grandmother or family elder?

 SF: My family beauty secret had more to do with inner attitude than external beauty. I was taught by my mom that “beauty is as beauty does” and I really believe this is true. She did not wear much make up but she was one of the most beautiful people I knew and many others would agree.

 T’zikal: T’zikal means “to sanctify”. How do you sanctify and impact the world around you? What do you do to give back to your community or the wider world/ environment or cause?

 SF: I serve on three boards – Liberation Prison Yoga whose mission is to serve prisons and jails, bringing trauma-informed yoga programs to incarcerated women, men, LGBTQ and youth; WSPA, a regional spa association that advocates for policy affecting the wellness of our nation and Gift of Hope, an organization that serves mothers and children in S. Africa affected with HIV/AIDS by bringing them a wide range of psycho-social services.

 T’zikal: How was your experience with T’zikal?

 SF: My experience with T’zikal is great. I especially love the scent, which transports me to another place while I’m in the shower!