Meet Rama Issa, our new T'zikal ambassador

T’zikal: What part of the world do you find most inspiring from a beauty and wellness perspective? And why?

Rama I.: I was blown away by the romance of Paris, a city of fashion and beauty. I was amazed by the simplicity of beauty and hair product usage there, without sacrificing elegance. I noticed people didn’t wear loads of product on their face or hair and kept their wardrobes simple. Less is more, less is chic, less is how Parisians do it. No mixing of more than 2-3 colors in the whole look while keeping the third either in jewelry or beauty like a bold lip. The emphasis is on natural beauty. They don’t get caught up in fashion trends, instead, they invest in key pieces like jewelry or hair accessories and/or makeup.

The eating habits there also caught my attention. They eat 3-4 meals a day but the portion is small, colorful, satisfying to the eyes, and nutritious. In restaurants, they would enjoy talking and laughing you will never see them holding their phones or using social media. 

T'zikal All Natural Haircare with Ojon Oil faces of T'zikal Brand Ambassador Rama Issa

T’zikal: What do you look for when shopping for natural beauty products? 

Rama I.: When shopping natural beauty products, I always read the ingredients. For example, if the serum has citric acid, it means it could have been extracted from lemon and other acidic fruits such as apple.

And it’s best is the product is labeled organic because it guarantees that at least 70% of ingredients are organic. Cruelty-free is also an important factor for me, it means not tested on animals.

T’zikal: How do you choose products to endorse on your social networks?

Rama I.: I endorse products that I use and like and I try to highlight what I like about them in the endorsement itself.

I know some products that might be a good fit for me, might not be a good fit for others. For example, I have dry skin and hair, so oil in products is a bonus for me but people with oily skin and hair may not prefer it. So I try to highlight who the product is good for in the endorsement.

T’zikal: What does your perfect Sunday look like?

Rama I.: My perfect Sunday is a sunny, warm and breezy day. My Sunday always has a different rhythm because it energizes my soul and mind and prepares me for the week ahead.  It starts with an early long run which is important for me to stay healthy and stay fit. Then family time and gathering around the table to enjoy brunch at my favorite restaurant then take a walk downtown and shop at the farmers market for some fresh fruits and vegetables. 

T’zikal: Walk us through your haircare routine. 

Rama I.: My hair is my most precious accessory, and I treat it accordingly. I use the perfect shampoo and conditioner to nourish my hair so it stays healthy and shiny. Then I add serum and oil to my hair. I find this combination great for smoothing my hair, to control the frizz and to add shine and moisture to it.

After that, I either towel-dry or blow-dry. For dry hair like mine, this process works like a charm each time. 

I also make a homemade hair mask once a month either coconut oil or milk with a hot towel or any other oil. The treatment repairs my hair and leaves it full of youth. Yes! Hair can age too.

T'zikal All Natural Haircare with Ojon Oil faces of T'zikal Brand Ambassador Rama Issa

T’zikal: How was your experience with T'zikal?

Rama I.: T’zikal gives me exactly what I am looking for. With T’zikal hair products I get great looking, healthy hair with minimal effort. The shampoo and the conditioner work magically on my hair while nourishing it. The shampoo and conditioner has ojon oil and it works so to deep clean my hair while restoring the natural hair oil I lost.

T’zikal oil and serum make my hair look silky with no frizz. And my dry hair becomes moisturized and shiny with natural curls. My hair is happy with T’zikal’s hair products.

I also tried T’zikal’s hand cream. It is soft and thick but not greasy. It revives my tired dry hands and makes them as soft as baby’s hands. I love that cream.

T'zikal All Natural Haircare with Ojon Oil faces of T'zikal Brand Ambassador Rama Issa