Beach Waves DIY Hair

There’s a reason beach waves 🏖 never go out of fashion. They’re universally flattering and won’t make you look like you’re trying too hard.

As we kick off the summer season, brush up on your styling techniques and get the most of the sun, sand and salt water.

T'zikal Beauty Blog Beach Wave hair style all natural haircare with ojon oil

 Here is a sure fire 4-step way to achieve wavy perfection.

Or, if you want to skip the heat 🥵:

1. After cleansing with T’zikal Shampoo and Conditioner, leave hair damp and divide it into 2 sections.

2. Begin a two-strand twist braid on the right side up near the center part. The technique is similar to French 🇫🇷 braiding because you gather more hair into the braiding strand each time you twist it around.

3. Once you reach the base of your neck you can wind the remaining hair into a twist bun and secure with a hair elastic. Repeat on the left side and leave for 5+ hours, ideally overnight.

4. Styling in the morning is as simple as unleashing your perfect beachy waves and running your fingers through them.

If you need a video 📺 tutorial, check out the adorable Vivian V.