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With the boom of social media, customers have grown more knowledgeable of products, ingredients, and sustainable and earth friendly business models they value.  This is especially true in the beauty and hair industry which has an estimated worth of $83.1 billion dollars.

Hair and skincare is about so much more for Tilmann Gruber, the founder and CEO of T’zikal, a beauty line of products rich in Honduran cultural heritage and void of parabens, artificial colors, fragrances or dyes that source Ecocert certified ingredients from Central America, USA, Germany, Italy and Switzerland.  T’zikal’s full range of naturally positioned beauty and skin care formulations uses Ojon Palm Nut Oil as its hero ingredient.  

Ojon oil, which T’zikal sources directly from indigenous communities, has been revered by the Mayans for over 500 years.  Gruber says when the brand began the formulation process it “focused on high quality, natural ingredients that supported and enhanced the characteristics of the Ojon oil.”  The oil is rich in omega oils and other nutrients that replenish and rebuild hair.  T’zikal works directly with the Central-American rainforest communities in traditionally extracting Ojon oil the same way as 500 years ago which utilizes the fruit of Palm Nut Tree.  

IndustryRules: T'zikal b y Kashanna Evans

T’zikal’s eco-conscious and socially responsible business model allows them to financially support and honor Honduran and Central American beauty traditions to create a community of respect. Gruber says, “By sourcing from the producing families we make sure that they get 100% of the costs of the oil. No overheads, no agents – direct purchasing. There are about 2,000 families in the rainforests of Honduras (La Mosquitia). Our point is to support the families in Honduras.”

T’zikal philosophy invites beauty lovers to discover ancient beauty secretssecret beauty destinations, and ingredient spotlights.  The brand’s affinity for flawless, natural ingredients and its trust in modern science is a formula that has caught the attention of Ms. New York 2016, Nicole Kulovany, and beauty influencer Dawn McCoy.  The influencers among the first few #FacesOfTzikal, a beauty campaign surrounding interviews of women on the topic of beauty, lifestyle, and self-care.

T’zikal has tipped the scale with its ingredients, its focus on social impact, and its commitment to customers that are excited about lux beauty as they are.

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