Advicesisters - Three Fast And Fabulous Frizz Fighters

Three fast and fabulous frizz fighters

Reviewed by Alison Blackman
Frizz is one of the hair woes women talk about the most. With warmer weather arriving, we’re also getting something less pleasant: more humidity, heat and frizz.   You want to be out and about, not dealing with fuzzy, frizzy hair,  Fortunately, frizz can be tamed.  The Advice Sisters have found three fabulous items from T’zikal, T3 Micro and Luma Brush — a hair care line, a hair dryer, and a hair straightening tool.  All three will help you get out of the house faster, with shinier, healthier, frizz-free hair. Get these three and enjoy your Spring and Summer “selfies” just a little bit more.  
T'zikal Collections

Some of the T’zikal frizz fighting hair care

The best heat stylers won’t make your hair look it’s best, if your hair is dry and fried.  T’zikal (pronounced Tee-Zee- Cal), is a line of natural hair and skin care products that uses Honduran Ojon Oil. Why would a tropical rainforest in Central America help you have shiny beautiful hair? Ojon oil is extracted from the palm nut of the  tropical Ojon Tree and it’s rich in omega oils (a single tree will only provide three cups of this precious, pure oil)  that seal the hair cuticle for shine and softness and keep frizz, away.  Add other high quality ingredients from the USA with  no animal testing, no parabens, no artificial colors, fragrance or dye and even dry, chemically-treated hair will reap the benefits.

I tried three of the items in this new product line:  shampoo and conditioner, and a lovely hand balm ($20.00 2.5 fl. oz.). The scent is earthy but pleasant. The hand balm absorbed quickly and provided a lot of moisturizing relief for dry skin. Along with Ojon oil, these products feature two other unique ingredients: Abyssinica Seed Oil (extracted from the Abyssinica plant (this oil has deeply reparative and protective properties that gives hair a glossy shine like silicone would, , and revives and brightens dull skin),  and  Apium Graveolens (Celery Seed Oil) which is part of that nice, earthy T’zikal fragrance blend. T’zikal is very emollient, so not every hair type needs this kind of moisturizng care every shampoo. If your hair isn’t super-dry, it’s the kind of product you might only use once or twice a month or more as needed when your hair needs more TLC. When the sun, sand, wind, chlorine and salt are drying out your hair this summer however, T’zikal is going to be the product range you’ll reach for more often. My hair felt super-soft and shiny.  

The Collection:   Deep Hydrating Shampoo: 10oz $32; 2.5oz $10  ; Deep Moisturizing Conditioning Cream: 10oz $34; 2.5oz: $12; Intense Moisture Hand Balm: 2.5oz $20; Moisture Protect Hand Lotion: 2.5oz $20 ; Curl Defining Hair Serum: 4oz $38 ; Shine Rich Dry Oil Mist: 2oz $32; Smooth Styling Hair Wax 1.33oz $24; 0.16oz  $18  

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