Chic Galleria - How To Tame Wild Hair


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The temperature you wash your hair in matters. Using a slightly lower temperature of the water can actually make it easier to style unruly hair once it’s dry. For extra shine, quickly rinse your hair in cold water after washing as well. There are also various products you can add to your hair before, during and after washing that can help with dryness, frizziness, dandruff and a number of other issues. You can get shampoos, conditioners, leave-in conditioners, serums, sprays – and so on.

Make sure to leave in your conditioner for enough time. Check the bottle and if it says to wait five minutes, follow the instructions! If your hair is dry, deep conditioners that you apply about once a week can help your hair lock-in moisture. Leave-in conditioners are also a great solution for dry or frizzy hair to give lasting smoothness and manageability.

Avoid heat styling your hair too often. Though stick straight hair or the perfect curls look great, only use heat products on your hair when it’s really necessary. Cheap straighteners and curlers especially can destroy hair with high temperatures. When you need to use them, because they do make your hair look amazing, make sure the products are reputable and keep them on low heat to avoid heat damage and hair breakage.

Keep your wild hair looking its best by always taking the best care of it. And don’t forget to trim it at least every six months to get rid of split-ends and keep it more healthy as it grows.


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