A (passionate) case for clean beauty — T’zikal’s olfactory profile explained

No artificial fragrance, T'zikal All-natural haircare with ojon oil


The sense of scent is one of our senses that often is forgotten until we actually lose it. One fact amidst much of the news about the COVID-19 pandemic is the increasing number of people reporting the loss of smell; or in technical terms: anosmia. It is still too early to tell if this loss of scent is permanent or not. It is not even clear yet if the olfactory capability will be the same once a person recovers the ability to smell again.

Now, when was the last time you actually looked at a beauty product and read the term ‘fragrance’ on its ingredient label? Nothing else. Have you ever wondered what the term fragrance actually means? Or, are you one of the many among us who just love a particular scent?

Well, truth is that there is so much more behind the term ‘fragrance’ than meets the eye. For far too long the generic term ‘fragrance’ has been used to disguise the fact that artificial or synthetic fragrances in beauty products can be a catch-all for harmful chemicals. Chemicals such as petroleum (yep, crude oil) or phthalates which are used to help the scent cling to your skin. These chemicals serve no benefit other than enabling the olfactory experience of a skin & hair product or a fragrance.

Now that you know — are you looking at the product ingredient label of your favorite skincare item or shampoo differently? Wouldn't you like to know what ingredients are in the scent of your everyday hand lotion? Wouldn't you want to buy only products that are not harmful to you?

No artificial fragrance, T'zikal All-Natural Haircare with ojon oil

We at T’zikal believe in all-natural formulations. We started out to formulate all of our premium all-natural products without any artificial or synthetic fragrances, colors or dyes! Instead, we chose to embrace the beauty of natural botanicals, flower extracts and essential oils to enhance the natural scent of our ojon oil.

We even go a step further and disclose all of our natural botanicals, essential oils, and flower extracts making up our proprietary wellness and spa oriented scent on each of our product labels. Yes, each product label on any of our products explicitly lists the names of each of our scent ingredients.

Open your mind to a new definition of beautiful scent, one that has not been and never will be chemically modified.

Information is power, and we strive to give you all the tools you need when deciding which beauty product to use.

You can inform yourself about each of our botanicals, flower extracts, and essential oils by heading over to Our Scent or by reading our product ingredient list.
No artificial fragrance, T'zikal All-natural haircare with ojon oil