Chem Lab 101: What does pH Level Have to Do with your hair?

What does pH have to do with your hair? 

In the wide world of hair care products, scientific claims are often thrown around without much explanation. That’s why at T’zikal we’re breaking down each of our claims in a series of blog articles intended to educate and inform our customers.

Recently, we unpacked the history of and research on paraben use in cosmetic products. Today we’re breaking down the importance of pH levels.

For starters, all T’zikal products are pH balanced. But, what does that mean, and does it even matter?

On a pH scale of alkaline to acidic, hair (and skin) naturally skews slightly more acidic and thus requires products to support and strengthen that optimal pH balance to look and feel its best.


The shaft of your hair is made up of overlapping scales that protect the interior of the strand of your hair (also known as the cortex). These scales naturally flap open when exposed to environmental factors, especially alkaline formulas.

Even water is considered alkaline and can ruffle scales, thus exposing the cortex of the shaft and allowing moisture to leak out. No surprisingly, when moisture leaks out of the cortex, hair becomes dry and brittle, prone to breakage and dullness.

By choosing hair products that are pH balanced, like T’zikal’s Deep Hydrating Shampoo and Deep Moisturizing Conditioner, you can actually seal the scales and close the shaft of the hair thereby preserving the moisture of the cortex. The result is hair that is strong, radiant and flexible.

Using pH balanced products also ensures that you won’t strip your hair of its natural oil, which, paradoxically, causes your scalp to overproduce oil, leaving strands limp and oily. It can even help you preserve a dye job longer. Sound good?

Happy shopping!  

Do you read brand claims when choosing beauty products? Which ones matter to you most, what do you look for?

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