Hair Dusting: The Super-Effective Hair Trend for Long Locks

Many women yearn for a mane of long, waist-skimming hair a la Jemima Kirke or Padma Lakshmi. But the growing-out process is filled with split ends and damage that often prevents us from achieving the length we desire. Experts and stylists recommend regular ‘trims’ but the constant chopping doesn’t allow for much actual growth. 
Until now: hair dusting is a not-so-new technique of barely skimming off the dead ends of hair strands.

It allows folks to keep virtually all of the length while getting rid of the smallest amount of damage possible. It is more akin to a grooming than an actual haircut but is conversely way more time consuming. It involves smoothing strands down then allowing the damaged pieces to pop up and shearing those off. The stylist basically runs a pair of scissors down the surface of your hair and trims the flyaways.

We know. Mind: blown.

How else can you care for a long mane and keep locks looking healthy, longer? One word: moisture.

Deep, nourishing hydration, preferably from natural ingredients. The entire collection of T’zikal products harnesses the richness of Ojon oil to deliver unmatched moisture and hydration to hair strands, taming flyaways and allowing you to lengthen the amount of time between haircuts.

⸖ To see results, try using our Deep Hydrating Shampoo on your roots and Deep Moisture Conditioning Cream on the shaft of your hair for 1 month. Want to further enhance the hydrating effects? Add a few drops of our Shine Rich Dry Oil Mist to your morning routine.

The luxurious formula, blended with hibiscus and coconut, helps control frizz and smooth flyaways.

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