5 Ways to Survive Winter Hair

Winter can ravage many things: skin, pavement, optimism and, yes: hair. The cold weather, wind and indoor heat leaves hair dry, brittle and dull, not to mention static-ridden.

And don’t even get us started on hat 🧢 hair.

Alas, winter 🌨 is also riddled with holiday parties, so hibernation is probably not an option. How to combat winter hair woes and look your best throughout the colder months?
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Here are 5 common complaints and ways to fix them:


Everything about cold weather leaches moisture from your scalp and locks, so your hair regimen should be all about putting that moisture 💦 back. Start by swapping out your shampoo and conditioner with ultra hydrating formulas like T’zikal’s Deep Hydrating Shampoo and Deep Moisture Conditioning Cream. You also might consider cutting down on your hair washing cycle; if you usually shampoo every day, try every other day instead (you can still condition hair every day).


Static happens when your hair picks up an electrical charge ⚡️ in the air. It’s common in colder months because of the lack of moisture. Your new super-moisturizing shampoo and conditioner should help. But if you’re still plagued by static, try adding T’zikal’s Smooth Styling Hair Wax. Made with a blend of pure ojon oil, avocado oil 🥑 and natural botanicals, this product can help replenish damaged hair and keep it in place, even on the most hair-raising days.


Dry, windy weather can damage the hair cuticle, leaving your hair looking dull and lackluster. To combat this, you need to boost shine ✨. Try incorporating T’zikal’s Shine Rich Dry Oil Mist into your routine. The light, luxurious mist is made with coconut 🥥 and hibiscus 🌺 and will increase shine and (bonus) smells like summer.

Breakage and split ends:

Hair breakage is yet another casualty of moisture loss. You can combat split ends by getting regular trims during the winter months, every 6-8 weeks if you can manage it. Also indulge in a weekly Oil Treatment from T’zikal. The intense formula restores moisture and coats every strand, repairing and protecting your hair from further breakage.

Hat hair:

Hats 🧢 traps heat and can cause hair to change shape and flatten to your head. To arrive looking as fresh and buoyant as you did when you left the house, first: add volume to your roots when styling hair. Then: twist long hair into a loose bun or short hair into small buns using bobby pins. Shake out when you arrive at your destination.
How does your hair routine change during the winter 🎿 months?

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