What’s in a name?

Many people ask us about the meaning of our name, T’zikal. The short answer? It’s derived from the Mayan word meaning sanctified or blessed. It can also refer to something that is pure, cleansed or unburdened. This, in the deepest sense, reflects our approach to beauty, our reverence for nature and belief in the purity of true self care.

What's In A name, Mayan Face Mask, T'zikal All-Natural hair and skincare with ojon oil, describing origins of the name T'zikal

Why Maya?

There are endless reasons to be drawn to Mayan culture. The Maya were a civilization who understood the power of simple, natural ingredients and honored the land that provided them. They were and are a people who cultivate interesting and effective beauty rituals that harness such ingredients, a people who value and ritualize healing, bathing and cleansing as key components of personal beauty. And we’re not the only ones fascinated and inspired by the Mayan approach to beauty – just look to the rising popularity of Mayan-inspired spa treatments

Thus, in the initial exploration phase of the brand, we were led to an indigenous Mayan land and one of the most exquisite places on earth: the rainforests of Central America. Lush and pristine, brimming with natural riches – here is where we uncovered a legendary beauty secret and the heart of our collection: the ojon palm nut. With meticulous care, following time-honored traditions, we extracted its potent oil and harnessed its transforming powers. It naturally followed that we would choose a name from the culture that inspired and is the philosophical core of the brand.

Becoming Sanctified

We aspire to be the first Mayan prestige beauty brand. In that effort, we sought to further enhance the ingredients we’d discovered by engaging the most sophisticated European skincare labs, seeking to achieve a level of luxury that only modern science could provide. The result is a radically efficacious formula, one that, we believe, has earned the title of sanctified or, more aptly, T’zikal.

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