How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

Maybe you’ve heard of the ‘no poo’ movement…

No, this isn’t a radical dietary revolution. It refers to frequency (or lack thereof) of hair shampooing. Experts agree: almost no one should be washing their hair every day.

Shampoo binds onto and emulsifies the oil and dirt in hair thus allowing it to rinse cleanly off the scalp and strands. But the natural oil your scalp produces actually moisturizes and protects hair, which is especially important in cold, dry winter months.

People who wash too much may find their locks more brittle, dull and prone to breakage.

So what’s the magic number? How many times per week should you be washing your hair?

The answer is different for everyone (sorry).

Here’s why: oil produced by your scalp is called sebum, the same substance secreted by your skin all over your body. But everyone produces a different amount of sebum. That amount is affected by everything from genetics to hormones, so start observing this cycle in your own hair – keep in mind what your skin type when deciding how much to wash.

The other factors that determine your hair’s oiliness have to do with texture and thickness. If your hair is fine and straight, it doesn’t take long for sebum to work its way down the strand. Conversely, curly, thick hair slows sebum’s spread down the strand.

👉 So – if you’re part of the former group, you’ll probably want to wash at least 2-3 times per week.

And if you’re part of the 👉 latter group, you might be able to space out washings even more.

One thing is universal: no matter how much you ‘poo’, always use pure, high-quality, nourishing products – ideally ones that harness natural ingredients. We recommend T’zikal Deep Hydrating Shampoo made with super luxurious Ojon Palm Nut Oil. The shampoo gently cleanses while nourishing and moisturizing stressed or damaged hair. To seal in the natural moisture and shine, follow up with T’zikal Deep Moisture Conditioning Cream.

T’zikal makes remarkable products for hair and skin by harnessing the transformative oil 🥥 of the Ojon Palm Nut and incorporating innovative European skincare science.

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