Why Haircare is One Beauty Regimen that Should Not Be Neglected

Routines. They get us through life with some sort of order and are often the vehicle through which we care for ourselves in the most important ways. Diet, exercise, bathing, skincare, even the oat milk latte ☕️ you indulge in on the way to the office are the little habits that keep you on track and healthy.

T'zikal All Natural Haircare with Ojon oil Blog Why Hair Care is not to be neglected

So why is it that haircare is often completely neglected in the overall self care program? Many people simply assume that their hair is what it is, and no amount of product or practice can change heredity.

Here are some reasons that it isn’t true:


Seasons change ❄️💐⛱🍃

Just as you might change out a heavier facial moisturizer for something lighter with SPF when the summer begins, your hair products should also be altered to accommodate the weather. Warmer, more humid weather might mean you need less conditioner. If you spend a lot of time at the beach or in the pool, you should be using a light oil to add some extra moisture and tame flyaways. T’zikal’s Shine Rich Dry Oil Mist is a perfect summer addition with a light and luxurious formula that’s blended with hibiscus and coconut.

Hair ages

While you might have been blessed with thick, shiny hair as a youngster, hair tends to dry out and become course and brittle as we age, and many people will suffer some degree of hair loss. Counteract the signs of aging hair with super-moisturizing 💦 hair products that nourish strands.

Start with the basics: T’zikal’s Deep Hydrating Shampoo and Deep Moisturizing Conditioning Cream

Chemical damage

Hair that has been consistently dyed or treated with chemicals will start to show the effects of damage. To balance the abuse, you need to pick a haircare collection that will actually work as a treatment plan to heal damaged locks and restore natural ✨ radiance.

The entire line of T’zikal products has been formulated with all-natural 🌱 ingredients including ojon oil and specifically designed to nourish damaged hair.

If you are looking for a new regimen, take a look at our ultra-luxurious and all-natural hair care projects.

What does your haircare regimen consist of and how long does it take?