Seasonal Hair Loss - What You Can Do About It

Do you want to hear something weird? You probably have more hair during summer months. Why, you may wonder, would your body produce more fur on the top of your head right when you’re spending a fair amount of energy trying to cool it down?

The answer: sun protection.☀️

T'zikal Beauty Blog All Natural Haircare with Ojon Oil Sun Protection Seasonal Hair Loss

It seems that the human body responds to the change of season (temperature and lengthening daylight hours) by starting to grow more hair in spring and holding to it throughout the summer months. That’s why you might notice more shedding in the fall, as your body lets go of the added protection.

The good news? It’s a completely natural phenomenon and you will probably regrow most of what you lost. What can you do about it? To a certain extent, it’s impossible to avoid seasonal shedding altogether.

But there are some steps you can take to mitigate the effects of hair loss in the fall and keep your mane at its best through the winter.

T'zikal Beauty All Natural Haircare with ojon oil Blog Seasonal Hairloss

Especially during cold winter months, it is essential to keep hair hydrated and moisturized. Environmental factors like harshly varying temperatures and drying artificial heat mean that you should be using a shampoo and conditioner that are formulated to replenish and restore strands with natural oils and gentle ingredients.


T’zikal’s Deep Hydrating Shampoo and Deep Moisturizing Conditioning Cream are a great place to start. If your strands need extra TLC during fall and winter months, you should try a more concentrated moisture regimen like The Restoration Project.

Supplements 💊

Biotin is the most popular supplement for hair loss. You can also try incorporating foods into your diet that are rich in hair healthy nutrients. Check out these recipes for some ideas.

T'zikal Beauty Blog Seasonal Hairloss All Natural Haircare with ojon oil

Avoid breakage

Try to limit damaging heat styling practices during winter months and use hair ties that won’t break already brittle strands. Lucky for you (and fashion), silk hair scrunchies are making a comeback.

Manage stress 😰

Chronic stress can contribute to hair loss, both seasonal and otherwise. Knowing some simple relaxation techniques will help you manage your energetic equilibrium and even out all physical symptoms of stress. Meditation, scalp massage or even a warm bath before bedtime are a good place to start.

Have you noticed seasonal hair loss? What are your tips to prevent shedding?

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