3 Days* Ana and Kristin....on blogging

These two travel junkies decided to turn their adventures into a stunning blog.

Here’s a preview of our interview with the ladies behind 3 Days*:

“We’ve always shared an irresistible wander itch. We started exploring together about 15 years ago and became loyal travel buddies. At this point we’ve tromped through over 40 countries each and lived on 5 different continents between us. We always day dreamed about travel-themed creative projects we could do together.

As life, careers and babies happened, lengthy trips had to be whittled down to long weekends.

This is how Kirstin started honing in on the idea of a travel site built around 3-day itineraries… And we happened to have space in our lives at that time to pour ourselves into the idea, writing, discussing, designing, dreaming.”  

Read the full interview here.

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