Utzul Mank'inal (Happy New Year) From T'zikal!

Happy New Year, from T'zikal!

We may keep track of time based on the Gregorian calendar, but the Maya had their own system that consisted of three separate corresponding calendars called the Long Count, the Tzolkin (divine calendar) and the Haab (civil calendar).

The Haab calendar was based on a 365 day solar cycle whereby each of the 19 months had a symbol associated with it.

At T'zikal we adopted this principle of using Maya symbolism when we designed the logo for our packaging which is, in fact, a stylized version of the Mayan sun symbol.

Why the sun? Because no matter the culture, or the year, the sun is a universal organizing principle for all of humanity - it is also the source by which the Ojon Palm Nut tree receives the nutrients it needs to provide the fruit and oil that are the backbone of our collection.

Utzul Mank'inal!

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