La Tigra National Park, Honduras

Just 14 miles north of the hustle and bustle of the capital Tegucigalpa the curious wanderer enters La Tigra National Park. The first and oldest national park in Honduras with conservation and ecological preservation in mind is fittingly named after the female puma.

How cool is that?

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About 240 square kilometers of exuberant natural beauty with immense cloud forest tropical vegetation also provide the perfect sanctuary for a large variety of birds. You might catch a rufous collared robin, wine throated hummingbird, or even the bird of the Mayans: the elusive quetzal.

Two visitor centers and eco lodges welcome you as you explore this mystic part of Central America. Besides 8 hiking trails, La Tigra is also home to the sacred tree of the ancient Mayans: Ceiba Pentrandra, or Yaxché, as the Mayans call it.

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