Monastero Private Villa Resort on Pantelleria, Italy

After a singularly brutal fall (we’re looking at you, U.S. election), you might be fantasizing about a destination that allows you to truly retreat from the frenetic energy of the ‘real world’ and reconnect with the beauty of the universe.

Perhaps you dream about a tiny island, off the coast of Sicily, accessible only by small plane, conceived by a world-renowned photographer and executed by a brilliant architect. A rustic, sun-drenched, cacti-dappled landscape with delicious food and a turquoise pool.

If so, you’re in luck: The Monastero Private Villa Resort on Pantelleria was built by Fabrizio Ferri to “fulfill a dream of silence and regeneration.” It sounds like the kind of place one would go to write a book of poetry, or recover from a case of 2016-induced nerves.

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