T’zikal Natural Hair Ritual

Create an inviting environment where you can turn your morning haircare routine into a beauty ritual with space, air  and light.

T'zikal All Natural Haircare with ojon oil Natural Project


T’zikal Natural 🌱 Hair Ritual

  1. Begin by rubbing a dime size amount of the Smooth Styling Hair Wax between palms and apply evenly around edges around the face or throughout hair, as needed. Be careful not to use more than directed, as it will weigh hair down.
  2. Then, pump a small amount of the Curl Defining Hair Serum into palm of your hands and apply sparingly to damp hair for extra shine ✨, paying special attention to ends and areas that are dry or damaged.
  3. Repeat this regimen for one week and adjust usage as needed.

      After your beauty ritual, cleanse your insides with hydrating cucumber lemon 🍋 water (bonus: cucumbers 🥒 are packed with potassium, silica, sulfur and manganese, which all promote hair growth).  

      Check out our DIY recipe here.