Marina Kikanovic, Globetrotter and Blogger

Marina Kikanovic, author of the popular Instagram travel page @travelmimii, wears many hats. Although she has a masters in energy law, she spends most of her time writing a column for women's magazines and her travel blog.

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She’s traipsed through over 42 countries (always with her dog, Mimi, in tow) and has lived everywhere from Siberia to coastal France. She speaks English, German, Russian, Spanish, Serbian and is currently learning French. With a professional basketball player as a husband, they are often on the road with their 16-month old boy. We caught up with this renaissance traveler to see how she keeps it all together.

T’zikal: You are clearly a globetrotter - how many trips do you take a year, approximately?

Marina: A lot 😃 Our son already visited 10 countries with us. Last year we went on around 30 trips. We were traveling mostly to European countries because our son is still too young for long flights. I hope we will be able to visit some more exotic destinations this summer.
 Faces of T'zikal: Welcome Marina Kikanovic, a.k.a. travelmimii

T’zikal: How do you take care of yourself while traveling? Do you have any beauty routines that keep you feeling fresh on the road?

Marina: I try to keep my daily routines even when I'm traveling. I have small travel pack of my favorite products. After long flights my skin is dry and I always have in my travel pack a hydrating sheet mask. That helps my skin to recover after a long day on a plane or the car. Traveling with a baby and a dog can be very demanding. I try to sleep a lot before a trip in order to stay fresh while traveling.

T’zikal: Describe your perfect Sunday.

Marina: Sunday is usually a day for relaxing and collecting energy for a new week. After breakfast I like to go to the spa and get a massage. Then we all go together to lunch and then like to get out and enjoy nature, playing with our son in the park or at some beach on this beautiful French coast.

T’zikal: How was your experience with the T'zikal products?

Marina: It’s been great. I’m using the Curl Project I have naturally curly hair that tends to dry out. After using  the T’zikal conditioner my hair is soft and smooth. The Curl Defining Hair Serum gives me long lasting shine and great curl definition. I like to combine it with the Smooth Styling Hair Wax. I'm completely satisfied with the results and I recommend T'zikal products to everyone. I like the natural smell of the product and after the first use I noticed a big difference. I have always devoted much attention to my hair and this line completely satisfied my expectations, so I will continue to use it in the future. It's perfect for the summer when I love the natural look of my hair and when I nourish my natural look.

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Here are the three easy steps that worked for Marina.

Faces of T'zikal: Welcome Marina Kikanovic, a.k.a. travelmimii