Renata Ramos, Food Blogger, Sommelier, Fashion Model

Faces Of T'zikal: Food Blogger, Sommelier, Fashion Model Renata Ramos

Food blogger, sommelier, fashion model and Bulldog mom Renata Ramos likes soaking up the New York lifestyle, learning new languages and traveling with her hubby. We caught up with this beauty to get some cooking tips and see how she likes the T’zikal products we gave her to sample. Here’s what she told us: 

T’zikal: What made you decide to study to become a sommelier? How do you plan to use that training after you've finished?

Renata: My mom has always been my role model in life, she taught me a lot of things, one of them was the beauty and complexity of wine. I started learning only about Italian wine (which is her favorite), then I wanted to know more about other varieties, and despite my profession (marketing) I decided to begin studying more deeply this amazing drink. I went to Paris to study an intensive course, and then I returned to NYC to study the next level, and I'm starting the final training soon. 

It's been such an interesting topic, the more you know, the more complex it seems, and the more I fall in love with it. I plan to use this knowledge in the future to do private tastings, or to teach others about it.

T’zikal: Tell us about your food blog - what is your favorite cuisine to cook? 

Renata: I love writing, It’s a type of exercise for me, so I can hear my voice and practice languages. Since I can remember, I love going to restaurants. So I decided to start writing about this experiences. I wanted to add a little of poetry to my tales, in a way that my readers could feel like they were also experiencing that moment. I love cooking Italian food, making pasta from scratch is my favorite.

T’zikal: What 3 ingredients would you say everyone should have in their fridge the most amateur cooks would not know?

Renata: Honestly the 3 ingredients I use a lot are pretty basic, like cinnamon, ( I love to add it to a lot of things), turmeric, (I love the taste, and all the health benefits it provides), and avocado (the best).

Faces Of T'zikal: Food Blogger, Sommelier, Fashion Model Renata Ramos

T’zikal:  Describe your perfect Sunday. 

Renata: I love summertime - my perfect Sunday begins around 9 am, I wake up, have some avocado toast with sunny side up eggs, then my husband and I walk my dog (the cutest English bulldog) to Central Park, we bring a mat and just lay on the grass, watching nature, being grateful for those precious moments. Then we go back home and go to a restaurant for a nice meal, some days after that we do some shopping, some days we go to the movies, and some just back home to have a glass of wine.

Faces Of T'zikal: Food Blogger, Sommelier, Fashion Model Renata Ramos

T’zikal:  How are you enjoying your experience with T'zikal? What do you like about the products?

Renata: I'm loving them! I love the feeling of a clean scalp and hair, and Tzikal products achieve that in the best way possible. I also love the aroma, it reminds me of being in a spa. The quality of the products is amazing, and the fact that they are cruelty-free is imperative for me. 

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