Amanda Mesli, Global Marketing Analyst

Meet Amanda Mesli, 🗽 New York-based global marketing analyst and jet-setting newlywed. We caught up with this beauty to sneak a peek into her whirlwind year of multi-destination wedding planning (and haircare, obviously).

Here’s what she shared with us:

Faces of T'zikal, All Natural Haircare with Ojon Oil


T’zikal: What exactly does a global marketing analyst do? What led you to that career path?

Amanda:  My day-to-day tasks change in  this role are a bit all encompassing. One moment I’m tracking ROI on a global marketing campaigns, the next I’m collaborating on global strategies to implement customer valuation procedures, or perhaps I’ll spend the bulk of my time reviewing design work for one of our large international events. That’s the beauty of this role: it’s ever changing, fast paced and I am working with international teams to measure and create tangible results.

My degree in Marketing and Creative Writing naturally led me to work in marketing, but I wasn’t aware of my aptitude for analytics until this career.

T’zikal: You were recently married in New York, why the decision to have multiple ceremonies around the world afterward? What are the challenges you've run into planning these international events?

Faces of T'zikal, All Natural Haircare with Ojon Oil, Amanda Mesli

Amanda:  Perhaps it’s because my husband and I never follow the traditional route. Our international roots were the inspiration for this multi-destination wedding journey. Our initial plan was to just have a wedding in Paris 🇫🇷, where my husband lived for a long time and where we got engaged, but a few months after being engaged his parents traveled from Algeria 🇩🇿 to visit us in New York.

We decided to throw an intimate party following our civil ceremony, which also happened on the day after we closed on our first condo (so much to celebrate!). Of course, I still wanted my dream wedding, which is still in the works and will be held at a chateau in France. Logistics have been simple thanks to our wonderful wedding planners at La Bel Emotion.

We’ll be ending our world wedding tour in Algeria which will be filled with my husbands rich culture, tasty cuisines, and traditional flare. That ceremony will be simple as his entire family has planned every detail on our behalf at an incredible venue. They’re even designing all of my traditional dresses - I will not see them until the day of the festivities! But, they have superb taste so I trust them with every detail. 

Faces of T'zikal, All Natural Haircare with Ojon Oil, Amanda Mesli

T’zikal: Describe your perfect Sunday. 
Amanda: Sunday’s are a sacred time for me and my husband as he travels every week for work. It’s one of the only days we have together. If we’re not having brunch with friends, we go to the same restaurant (for the past 2 years) to order Shakshuka. After that we spend the whole day walking: through Central Park, west towards the Hudson River, south towards the West Village. There’s always some sort of event, new exhibit or cute cafe to stop in and enjoy. 

T’zikal: What is your usual haircare 💁🏼‍♀️ routine?
Amanda: I wash and condition my hair every other day. While my hair is wet I use a serum to add extra shine to my locks. I rarely ever use a hair dryer to avoid too much heat and deep condition my hair once a week. Last year I cut my hair, so right now it’s at this in between length and I’m trying every tip under the sun to grow it. 

T’zikal: How are you enjoying the T'zikal products? What do you like most about them? 
Amanda:  The appearance and texture of my hair has drastically changed since I started using T'zikal products. Seriously, my husband never comments on these things and the first day I tried it he commented on how great my hair looked. It’s touchably soft, probably due to the natural 🌱 ingredients. Besides the shampoo and conditioner, my favorite product is the curl defining serum. Since I avoid hot tools this serum effortlessly creates natural curls 👩🏼‍🦱.