Oriana Schneps: Environmentalist and Ocean Explorer

Meet Oriana Schneps: environmentalist and ocean explorer. She fell in love with sea life as a diver for the New England Aquarium and soon became a yachtie, sailing the world for three years.

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Here, she gives us some tips on the best diving spots and what each of us can do to be more environmentally conscious. 

T’zikal: What was it that sparked your interest in marine life? Were you always drawn to the water?

Oriana: I first started to learn about the marine world in high school, when I worked at the New England Aquarium. As I moved to more involved positions during my time there, the more I discovered how little I knew. The oceans are so mysterious to me. So much of them are unexplored and no matter how much time you spend on the water it is always different and full of surprises.

Meet Oriana Schneps, Faces of t'zikal Interview series, T'zikal All Natural hair and skincare with ojon oil

T’zikal:  Where is your favorite place to scuba dive?

Oriana: Tulum, Mexico. The cave diving there is unlike anything I have seen anywhere else in the world. I was completely blown away. 

T’zikal:  What are three small things any person can do to be more environmentally conscious?


❞ Carry a reusable water bottle with you! 

I don't go anywhere without one. Having it always with me encourages me to stay hydrated and prevents me from spending money on expensive and caloric drinks when I get thirsty! 

❞ Be conscious of the meat and fish you eat!

One 1/3 pound hamburger takes almost 700 gallons of water to make! I treat meat like a dessert; it's something to be grateful for and limit your consumption of! Apart from being sustainable, quality meat just tastes better. 

❞ Try to avoid fast fashion.

I get caught up in super sales, too, everyone does. But clothing, like meat, takes an incredible amount of water to produce. Opt for thrift when you want to change it up or invest in quality clothing that will last! It might be a little more money but if you buy an item you LOVE vs. one you just bought because it's inexpensive, you won't feel the need to replace it as often. 

    T’zikal: Describe your normal haircare routine.

    Oriana: I'm the worst at making time for my hair. I try to shower at night before bed. I really love T’zikal's rejuvenating product line for in the shower. When I get out of the shower I spray a little T’zikal's Shine Rich Dry Oil Mist in my hair too before putting it up in a hair towel to go to sleep. Letting it dry naturally as I sleep lets me avoid blowing it out, which damages it. In the morning I wake up, quickly style, then I am out the door! 

    T’zikal:  How was your experience with the T’zikal products? What effect did they have on your hair?

    Oriana: I really love how T'zikal's products are so light on my hair. I never get out of the shower and feel sticky or that my hair is weighed down with product. I also have very sensitive skin and T'zikal is great because it doesn't irritate my scalp! I am a big fan of the T'zikal line and extremely happy I found them! 

     Faces of T'zikal Oriana schneps All natural hair and skincare with ojon oil