It's summer! Time for sexy beach waves

Follow these easy 4 steps for your perfect day at the beach! All natural 🌱 haircare with ojon oil will give you the best beach waves.

  1. Wash hair with T’zikal Deep Hydrating Shampoo followed by Deep Moisturizing Conditioning Cream. 
  2. Apply T'zikal Curl Defining Serum and dry hair. 
  3. Now using a curling iron pointed downward, take one-inch sections of hair and wrap around the iron from top to bottom. Do not wrap the last two inches of hair - otherwise you'll end up with curls instead of waves! 
  4. Finally, blow dry hair again to loosen curls and create a wavy texture.   
And there you go. Works great for any hair length and texture! 

T'zikal Lookbook, Beach Waves, All Natural Haircare with Ojon Oil