Everyone loves to start off the new year 🎉 with a new look. So why not opt for an ultra chic bob this year à la fashion icon Jackie Kennedy.

Elegant, Simple, Timeless.

T'zikal All Natural haircare with Ojon oil Lookbook bob

  1. Wash hair with our Deep Hydrating Shampoo followed by Deep Moisturizing Conditioning Cream.
  2. Apply Shine Rich Dry Oil Mist to towel-dried hair.
  3. Section off the top half of your hair using hair pins.
  4. Blow dry the other half of your hair upwards and outwards using a round hair brush – one inch section at a time.
  5. Now undo hair that was previously sectioned off and repeat step 4 from above.
  6. To finish the look, use our Smooth Styling Hair Wax to polish stray hairs and ends. This style will add instant fullness and volume to thin hair. 
 This look is best achieved with short hair.