The Restoration Project, by Rama Issa

Rama Issa LOVES T’zikal’s Restoration Project!

The proof is in the pudding… or the hair.

Our brand ambassador, Rama Issa, is an entrepreneur, seasoned traveler and budding social media maven. Oh, and she has an enviable mane of hair. With body and shine like that, we knew she would be a perfect test subject for our new Restoration Project, a 2-week regimen designed to radically replenish locks with intense moisture via a rich, potent blend of botanicals and ojon oil.

The collection includes three T’zikal products that are formulated to nourish damaged hair: Deep Hydrating Shampoo, Deep Moisturizing Conditioning Cream and Shine Rich Dry Oil Mist.

Here is what Rama had to say about the experience from beginning to end, in her words:

Project log 1:

"These 3 T'zikal hair products transformed my dull, frizzy dry hair to shiny, soft hair just in time for the holiday party circuit! I cannot believe what I was able to achieve with the T'zikal Restoration Project.

I used to use at least 5 different products to achieve one hair goal - but it would leave my hair shiny but too oily or soft but too frizzy - never shiny and soft without frizz or excess oil.

With the Restoration Project (which is laced with beautiful Ojon Oil) my hair finally responded the way I wanted it to. I applied T'zikal Deep Moisturizing Conditioning Cream to the ends of my hair to keep it moisturized and frizz-free and left it for 3 minutes before rinsing it out.  I then dried my hair and used two squirts of T'zikal Dry Oil Mist at the ends. I especially love that I am able to keep my hair healthy and clean with no harsh chemicals or added ingredients.

You only need the three products in the Restoration Project to achieve what I achieved." T'zikal All Natural Haircare Faces of T'zikal Rama Issa Restoration project log

Project log 2:

"After two weeks of using the T’zikal Restoration Project, my hair has been restored to its natural color and shine. The natural ingredients such as ojon oil work like magic on my winter-dry hair.

I was hosting a holiday party recently and wanted curls without heat. I used T’zikal’s Shampoo and Conditioner to moisturize and nourish my hair, then used heat free rollers and let them set for 5 hours while I prepared to the party. When I removed the rollers I had big, shiny curls – perfect hostess hair.

I finished up with the Shine Rich Dry Oil Mist and my hair stayed looking great for the while party."

T'zikal All Natural Haircare Faces of T'zikal Rama Issa Restoration project log

 Project log 3:

"Last year was a year of hair challenge. Luckily I ended the year on a good note with T'zikal Restoration Project.

Here are some of the changes I noticed in my hair structure while following the Project regimen: my hair used to be dry, dull and frizzy. But once I started to use the T'zikal products, the dullness disappeared and left my hair is stronger than ever and no hair loss like I used to see after each shower. The conditioner penetrates deeply into hair guarding it from harsh weather changes and leaving it looking soft and moist while the Shine Rich Dry Oil Mist keeps the hair frizz-free.

I am ready to start the new year with happy, healthy and shiny hair that actually requires less maintenance and gives me more time to enjoy this year with family and friends."

T'zikal All Natural Haircare Faces of T'zikal Rama Issa Restoration project log