The Rejuvenation Project, by Madison Salters

Our incredible brand ambassador Madison Salters is always on the go. As a UNESCO Youth Ambassador of Peace and Dialogue, she’s spoken to European Parliament in London on the topic of gender and education, to the United Nations in Istanbul on Human Dignity, and has worked at home on NY State environmental policy. But that’s not all! She’s somehow found the time to live in six countries and serve as a world travel guide writer for TripAdvisor, and their go-to linguist for Japanese translation.

T'zikal Lookbook All Natural Haircare with Ojon Oil 14-Day Rejuvenation project Log with Madison Salters

With her demanding, globe-trotting schedule, Maddie is always on the hunt for hair and beauty products that will travel well and keep her looking coiffed no matter the venue (or latitude).

This winter ❄️, we had her test out our T’zikal Rejuvenation Project and here is what she had to say about it, in her words: 

Winter Haircare Tips Ahoy!

Hey All! I hope everyone is having a happy weekend & holiday, no matter what you celebrate! For me, with three months of straight travel (Paris, London, Lyon, Reykjavik, NYC... yikes!), I was pretty sure that the holiday season-- which calls for so much hair curling, on my end!-- was going to be a nightmare for my hair. Toss in the "hard water" in places like London and Paris where the calcium deposits are so high they sap your skin and hair of any moisture, the winter wind in Iceland and New York obliterating my hair into a mess of split-ends, and the hotel soaps I've been using... and admittedly, two months ago, my hair was already a nightmare.

So I decided to pre-game the holiday season by giving T'zikal's "REJUVENATION PROJECT" a go. Here's the deal: for 14 days, I used T'zikal's Deep Hydrating Shampoo, Deep Hydrating Conditioning Cream, and Smooth Styling Hair Wax in conjunction as my shower ritual. Rich in ojon oil, avocado oil, and natural botanicals, and free of parabens and artificial dyes (not a fan!), it was supposed to take my tired, limp, and wirey hair and restore it to its previous summer glory.

So, did it work? I decided to share my Project Log and let you guys know what I liked, what worked, and what didn't"

Project Log 1:

"Unboxing! As soon as I got my hands on the kit, I immediately loved the bottles. Hello, travel size! These were going to fit into my luggage like a dream, so I already knew I wasn't going to have trouble with the 14-day challenge due to any jetsetting. (I'd been using the full-size bottles over the summer, but they just aren't possible to pack sometimes.)

T'zikal Lookbook All Natural Haircare with Ojon Oil 14-Day Rejuvenation project Log with Madison Salters

I immediately hopped into the shower and gave it a try. My hair doesn't always take to styling wax well, so for day one I just used the shampoo and conditioner and skipped a blow dry. The next day, voila-- I woke up, and you can see-- it added a weightless volume to my hair, which was falling softer than it had been in weeks. Still not perfect, but it was feeling good enough to put a curling iron to. So, the next day, I gave it a go.

I used the smooth styling wax the following day and rubbed a small amount over my palms and fingers, then patted the oil through my hair, focusing on the dry ends. I liked that I could opt to use it on my hair a full day later-- I don't always want to toss a ton of product into my hair post-shower. I combed it through after, sprayed in some keratin heat protection, and curled my hair. Now here's where I was really impressed! Curls usually slide out of my hair only a few hours after I roll them in. Um-- no such thing with this styling wax! My hair remained fluffy and light and the tight curls you see in photo 3, by the end of the night? Check out photo 4-- soft, beautiful, curly waves. I'm not joking when I say my hair is usually PIN STRAIGHT again by the end of the night, no matter how much heat and hairspray I toss in.

So far, by the end of trial one, I saw the most improvement to the weight of my hair and the ability to hold a curl. Week two and three, I decided I'd apply the wax directly after showering-- will share those results soon!"

Faces of T'zikal Maddie Salters using the rejuvenation project


Project Log 2:

"After the second wash using T'zikal Deep Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner Cream, my hair actually showed signs of reviving from all the travel and hard water. My hair was feeling noticeably smoother, had less frizz, and the ends were less brittle. This time, the effect stuck with me until the next wash. For my second try, I applied the oil-rich styling wax directly the the ends of my wet hair to hydrate it, and later applied it to my night-to-day textured braid to help hold the style. What impressed me was that on day two, I was able to brush my hair out with no trouble, after a full day of train travel, hats, hotel pillows and hair styling. No tangles, just soft. Really happy with the project so far, but there's one more wash to go on my 14-Day Challenge!" 

Faces of T'zikal Maddie Salters using the Rejuvenation project

Project Log 3:

"For my third wash with T'zikal's Deep Hydrating Shampoo and Deep Moisturizing Conditioning Cream, I decided to put the Smooth Styling Hair Wax into my hair directly out of the shower for the first time. I’d planned to curl my hair that day, so I wanted some extra bounce and another layer of heat protection. Because I don't usually put styling products into my hair post-shower, I decided to spread the wax out by brushing it into my wet hair from root to tip. I'd been using the styling wax almost exclusively to hydrate the ends of my hair, but for this look I really wanted the product to diffuse.

The water actually made it very easy to spread, and shock of shocks, it also wasn't greasy! Usually I find styling products either cake on and flake off (ugh...), or else make your newly-washed hair feel like an oil pit. That's why I usually avoid them on freshly-shampooed hair. But what I loved about the wax on wet hair was not only did it hold my curls like a dream (it helped me create the pretty, loose curly cascades I like and didn't flatten the volume the shampoo provided on top), it also doubled-down on the beautiful herbal scent. When your haircare can also double as natural, subtle perfume = WIN

Plus, I didn’t have to use very much to make a big impact. I’m amazed by how much of the wax I have left after 14 days.

Faces of t'zikal Maddie salters using the rejuvenation project with ojon oil

In all, I loved doing the Rejuvenation Project. I'm going to continue using these products as a part of my haircare ritual, because they battled off the damage of rough winter weather, unforgiving hard water, and the curling iron like it was nothing. And they fit into my luggage... so they're going to need their own passport soon, haha. 

Thank you so much for letting me give this a try, T'zikal Beauty! I was certainly WOW'd!"

- Madison Salters

T'zikal Lookbook All Natural Haircare with Ojon Oil 14-Day Rejuvenation project Log with Madison Salters