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6 Secrets to Healthy, Shiny Hair (by Janene Mascarella)

Summer is coming and we all know the sun and the sea can take a toll on our tresses. I get to try a lot of hair care products each month both only a small fraction of the products that come my way gets a coveted spot in my everyday beauty routine. (The competition is stiff!) Want to know my secrets to healthy, shiny hair? Click “Launch Gallery” to discover my latest favorites to keep your locks looking top-notch!

T'zikal Collections

I’m in love with this new haircare line! T’zikal  (pronounced Tee-Zee-Cal) is a line of natural hair and skin care products using only the highest-quality ingredients in Central America, the U.S. and Europe, beginning with the rediscovery of an ancient Honduran beauty remedy for hair and skin: ojon oil. Ojon oil has been used by Central-American rainforest communities for over 500 years and is still extracted using the same methods; cracking open the fruit of Palm Nut Tree, boiling it in a kettle for 5-7 hours and gathering the ojon oil seeps out. The result of these honored traditions is a collection of truly remarkable products for hair and skin.

Just about every time I use the shampoo and conditioner, I get compliments on my hair, the way it looks, smells, feels…  It’s a most amazing line to give you luxe locks and I’m so glad I discovered it!